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Matt Bosher's Future With The Falcons Is Cloudy At Best

Earlier today, we talked a little bit about how Mike Smith was threatening to shake up the offensive line, even if that isn't particularly likely. What is more likely is that Matt Bosher will be out of a job if he doesn't start punting better.

Bosher's short time as the punter for the Atlanta Falcons has been less than successful. He's blasted a total of 15 punts over three games, thanks to an anemic Falcons offense. Those 15 punts has gone for an average of 35.7 yards per, which is....not great. In fact, it's downright awful.

The Falcons really couldn't afford to keep Michael Koenen around, so it's hard to argue that they erred by replacing him. The question is whether they should have replaced him with Bosher, who was outkicked in the off-season by Ken Parrish

It's a little late to ask that now, I suppose. Bosher is a great tackler for a punter and actually boomed a few kickoffs in the Buccaneers game, which was encouraging. But his punting has been horrible, and that might be what forces him out of his role.

The fact that he's made it this far tells me what the Falcons think of him. His leg strength was never in question at Miami, and the team invested in him because they saw him as their punter for the next several years. Giving up on him three games into his younger career would be to admit a mistake, and it would also risk missing out on that potential if he gets over his personal version of the kicking yips.

This is all exacerbated by the Falcons' lack of a potent offense, which has forced Bosher to punt way more often than anyone would have liked or expected. I think the Falcons give him a couple more weeks to sort things out and then start looking in earnest. I sincerely hope he can turn it around. 

What do you guys think? How short is Bosher's leash?