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The Atlanta Falcons Boldest Fan Competition

A little palette cleanser after a tough game is in order, don't you think?

Basically, I want to know who you think is the boldest fan of the franchise really is. Your definition of boldest may vary. it could be the guy who always wears a full Falcons costume to the game. It could be the woman who has had season tickets for 30 years and has rarely if ever missed a game. Or it could be someone who turns on their computer in Australia every morning to keep up with the team.

We're splitting this into two separate posts, and winners will be selected by whoever mentions their name the most. The first is the best fan in team history, for those of you who have been grizzled fans for years. The second is for the boldest fan on this here blog. Nominate both, one or the other...whatever floats your boat.

And yes, this is a sponsored post. In case you were wondering. It's Guiness, though! Get your votes in by Wednesday!