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One Falcon To Watch: Brent Grimes

It's no secret that Brent Grimes tortures Josh Freeman. In 2010, he picked him off twice, enraging the even-keeled quarterback to the point where he put a big sideline hit on him. Hard to imagine him doing much better, short of picking off every pass Freeman throws. Admittedly, that would be pretty sweet. 

Grimes has set up permanent residence in Freeman's head, and that makes him the player most likely to alter this course of the game, at least on the defensive side. The Falcons should be able to generate some offense against a Buccaneers defense that has been less-than-impressive thus far in 2011, and if they can get any kind of a lead Freeman's going to have to throw. A lot. 

It's been a quiet season for Grimey thus far, which isn't a bad thing for a cornerback. He was excellent against DeSean Jackson and the Eagles, so there's considerable momentum to build off of. When you consider that Grimes won't be drawing Mike Williams for the whole game, there's ample opportunity to freelance a bit. 

So I'll be watching Grimes closely. Will you?