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Saturday Six Pack: Back to Normal Edition

Late game this week. Be sure to take Tom Brady's advice and drink up a bunch of.....water. Yeah, that's it.
Late game this week. Be sure to take Tom Brady's advice and drink up a bunch of.....water. Yeah, that's it.

After a one week hiatus, the normal six pack is back. Just in time for our first divisional game against the Buccaneers. Hopefully we'll come away with a win, but nothing is guaranteed in this league. Anywho, without further ado, let's see what I can drum up for you today!

AJC: The usual plethora of AJC articles kicks off the SSP today. First, DOL's 3 keys to the game. Once again, the commenting is not one to take too long of a look at. Next, a look at how Julio's impact has gone farther than just his catches. It's a good read, and definitely more justification for what Julio has brought to us. Next, a Q&A with Eric Weems. It's nice, but what terrifies me is his reasoning behind bringing kickoffs out. A feel for it. Yikes.

iSportsWeb: Jordan Hill over at iSportsWeb previews the game. He has the Bucs winning by way of last-minute drive by Josh Freeman, which we all know won't happen! Still worth checking out.


Giants 101: Our own Tony Gonzalez has spoken out about the faking injury bonanza going on. I also laughed at their subtle poke our defense, saying they were 27th in the league. Pretty sure it's not quite that bad. In any case, check this out, it's an interesting read.

Washington Post: The Washington Post has a good read here about Josh Freeman and the Falcons' cornerbacks. The Bucs have a nifty group of receivers to help Freeman out, and their running game with Blount is no slouch. However, I think we can handle them.

LA Times: The LA Times has an in-depth preview of the game here. This one has us winning by a single point. Skimming over this kinda reminded me of how important the game plan is when it comes to these games. I really hope the coaching staff follows up last week with a solid game plan this week. If they can do that, we'll be in good shape.

Random Funny: Imagine driving down the road and seeing this.