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Falcons TWESOTE of the Day: The Role of the Fan

It's Thursday night. We're three days from the next game and I'd imagine most of you are sick of opining about Sam Baker's bench max and Matt Bosher's girly right leg. You know what that means? It's discussion time! 

Fandom. Such an enigmatic dilemma. Fandom really is a peculiar beast. It turns nerdy accountants into slobbering, kung fu panda-emulating messes. And let's be honest, rational thought goes the way of the dodo when your favorite team adds a notch in the loss column.

Lately I've noticed some chagrin from a few regulars. Their frustration seems to center on what they perceived as illogical, premature, or otherwise inappropriate criticism of the organization, players, and coaches.

So here's what I'm wondering: to what extent can we as observers/fans object to how the organization operates, coaches coach, and players play? On the one hand, we're not exactly experts, at least not in the traditional sense. While I'd like to think I could playcall better than MM in my sleep, the reality is that I can't. If I could, I wouldn't have to drive a Honda. At the same time, I've backed this team through thick and thin. I like to think I have a personal stake in their success. It truly frustrates me when they struggle.

So what do y'all think? Discuss!