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Figuring Out The Bucs: Magic Dust Only Works So Well

Bucs' Head Coach Raheem Morris, a man who says some very....interesting things.
Bucs' Head Coach Raheem Morris, a man who says some very....interesting things.

Most of us know by now that the Bucs had yet another come from behind victory last week, defeating the Vikings after being held to a whopping zero points in the first half, while surrendering 17 points to the Vikings in the first half. The Bucs eventually came back to win 24-20, despite being outgained by 60 yards and losing the time of possession battle by 7 minutes. What gives?

Aside from what the title suggests, there's gotta be something going on here. Last year, the Bucs did not beat a winning team (save for the Saints in a meaningless game), but Josh Freeman has had many a fourth quarter comeback. No doubt Freeman is a talented QB, but for all of the things I've seen about the Falcons masking their issues with many heart attack victories, could the same be said for the Bucs? If that's true, are they also a lesser team than their record last year would suggest?

I think it's safe to say they've yet to beat a winning team this year (Face it, Vikings won't go 8-8. They're worst in that division this year.) but they'll encounter some tough tests this year. They've already tried and failed to beat the upstart Lions, and they get somewhat-enigmatic us (Falcons) this weekend.

This morning, I'd like to ask you all why you think the Bucs suddenly come alive in the fourth quarter and could their fourth quarter comebacks be masking a lot of their issues, just like us? I'll be here and there during the day. I look forward to discussing this with you all!