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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day: Ridiculously Early Gap Filling

The trade deadline won't be here for another month or so. And - let's be honest - free agency/the 2012 draft are hoverboardeseque.

But let's examine something ...

On my drive home tonight, I started thinking about Sam Baker. I've defended him ad nauseum over the years. He's an above-average run blocker, and given our offensive tendencies, skills of that sort are valuable.

Drafting him was logical: Run Turner. Block Baker. Go FALCONS Go! It all makes sense, unless we want to unleash the icy manbeast that lies within Matthew Thomas Ryan. He's young and resilient, but Rojohombre is one missed block from starterdome. Disagree with me all you want. Every one of you cringed when Matty did his best Kerri Strug impersonation last week. While his version of the splits was "you ate the whole cheese wheel?!" impressive, I never want to see bend like that again.

So where am I going with all this? Simple. I'm starting to think Baker isn't the long-term answer at LT. Not saying he shouldn't be a Falcon, and I don't want to pay him 1st rounder money to be a backup. I just think something has to be done. Trade him. Train him at guard. Renegotiate his contract. Something.

I'm sure you all have similar feelings about one or more Falcons. So if you were The Comrade, what positions would you like to shore up going forward?