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Tweets of the Game: Grounding the Eagles Edition

BURNT!  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
BURNT! (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Samuel J. Jackson himself gets the crowd started tonight. FalconsJHicks

Spoon is making his presence know early! Kinglouie9

Michael Turner is running like a magnificent gazelle tonight. TheFalcoholic



Did you ever Juli-know that you're my hero? TheFalcoholic

So how cool was that diver with the 83 jersey and Falcon helmet on while underwater? That was awesome. FalcoholicZippo

The Falcons' offensive line goes all gooey and Matt Ryan gets hit with a helmet. No call. Naturally. TheFalcoholic

How was that not a penalty... Went right for the helmet! hotbunsugafoot

Sean Weatherspoon is on Brent Celek like cheese on a burger. TheFalcoholic

All i gotta say is THANK YOU BEARS for beating us like that, youve sparked something else ConManJankins

Tony Gonzalez has moves on top of moves on top of moves in between a delicious bun of pass catching. TheFalcoholic

My favorite move in the whole NFL is Tony Gonzalez' stepback after a catch. Sneaky old man basketball player feet. JasonKirkSBN

The Falcons are going to Michael Turner the Eagles to death. TravisFain

Mike Vick wears Matt Ryan underwear. DrewWill

That was a hell of a catch. TheFalcoholic

And roddy has 1st offensive td!!! Let's keep doing it!! DREdwards25

Sorry guys, I was jockeying to go for 2 so #7 would never go up on the scoreboard. FakeMattRyan

Grimes left a bruise that looks like Jesus on #18. FalconsJHicks

Make like Huggy Bear and hold 'em here, Falcons. TheFalcoholic

Sure. Call the offside and ignore the blatant holding call right in front of you. Unreal. FalconsJAdams

We gotta get the ball back before half. FalconsNeedRing

Christ, there's a game on the field, announcers. TheFalcoholic

Boo yah. #rayedwards FalconsJHicks

Someone get that man some oxygen! FalconsJAdams

Unfreakingreal DirtyBird4Life



God bless America. JeannaThomas

If I were still writing game stories on the #NFL, I'd pencil that fumble and return as a game-changer. Jmike811

Best catch of Tony's career. FANTASTIC. DirtyBird4Life

Unbelievable balance, grace, and Hands! Tony Gonzalez folks. Tony Gonzalez. Jamthedirtybird

That is why Tony Gonzalez is the greatest TE of all time. FalconsJHicks

That was one of the best catches I've seen in a while. Incredible. FalcoholicZippo

The worst thing that could happen right now is the Falcons D letting Philly get points in these last 44 secs of the 1st half. FalcFans

@FalcFans WHY DID YOU SAY THAT?! TheFalcoholic

Michael Vick's habit of carrying the ball like a radioactive bag of crap rears its ugly head again. TheFalcoholic

Same ole Vick!! Don't know how to tuck that ball. DREdwards25

Broken condoms provide more protection than this line is right now. TheFalcoholic

When Matt Ryan feels he has to scramble on third and long, something is horribly, horribly wrong. TheFalcoholic

YES!!!!! INT!! Poppa_Falcon

Tony Gonzalez, I love you. I don't care what our parents think. TheFalcoholic

Both Hayden and Sanders have played their hearts out. DirtyBird4life

Falcons convert another Vick screwup into a touchdown. Make that 21-10, pending review (and kick) JeffSchultzAJC

GONZO is turning back the CLOCK!!!!! Poppa_Falcon

If Brian Van Gorder was a Civil War general, he would've had his guys sitting in lawn chairs after Fort Donelson. TheFalcoholic

I don't get what wasn't working about running on every play. JasonKirkSBN

This is amateur hour. TheFalcoholic

No blocking, happy feet...right when the Falcons need a good drive. What is up with this offense? TheFalcoholic

Biggest boos of the night reserved for Falcons punter. A whopping 18 yarder there for Bosher. JeffSchultzAJC

Vick needs to give us another turnover. That's the only shot we have. HalMoore

No Vick? No problem. Refs hand touchdown to Eagles. That was as sorry as it gets. FalcoholicZippo

Worst 'roughing the passer' call in NFL history. Poppa_Falcon

Smitty is coaching the refs HARD. FalconsDCox

The Eagles couldn't get a penalty called on them if they murdered Matt Ryan with an axe. TheFalcoholic

These refs are douchebags. Jeannathomas

Good. Jason Babin deserves the call. Trent Cole's been killing it legitimately, but Babin's been clutching all game long. TheFalcoholic

We just saw the Matt Ryan we need to see EVERY DRIVE!!!!!! HalMoore

Impressive 10-play, 80-yard drive engineered by Ryan. He needed that. Falcons down 31-28. This is Ryan's first career 4-TD game. JeffSchultzAJC

Trent Cole should go check on Michael Vick in the locker room for nine minutes. Kind of being a bad teammate. JasonKirkSBN

There's a signature Michael Turner run, right there. TheFalcoholic

I was about to make a joke on Turner's lack of speed. He just shut my mouth. FalcFans

Turner the Burner in for 6 points Steve_NDfan

What a great, great football game. SI_PeterKing

Matt ryan > mike mularkey as an offensive coordinator. Needs to do this full time. Gumby61184

Dunta Robinson takes a lot of crap, most of which isn't deserved. Tonight, though? Very much deserved. TheFalcoholic

Last year we got torched by 2nd string QB....this year 3rd string QB toasting us!! MagicFalcon

Don't ever say Chris Owens never did anything for you. FalconsJAdams

Drive home safely, Atlanta! FalconsDCox

You're welcome, America. JasonKirkSBN

wait... Cris Collinsworth.... did I... was that something NICE you said about Matt Ryan? What? YOU FINALLY GAVE HIM SOME CREDIT?! SareyH

Glad NBC has thoroughly jinxed Desean Jackson here. JasonKirkSBN

Falcons win! Falcons win! By the grace of an awkward and capricious god, the Falcons win! TheFalcoholic

WAY TO GO FALCONS!! It wasn't all pretty but it was a win. Skoob0211

This win could change the direction this season was on. Congrats boys...... DirtyBird4life

Great win and hopefully I don't have to hear another Vick reference. FakeMattRyan