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Falcons-Eagles Recap: A Win Is A Win Is A Win

A picture is worth a thousand words.
A picture is worth a thousand words.

Wow. That was a heck of a game. That was a vintage Eagles-Falcons slugfest, back when the games were actually close.

As Coach Smitty likes to say, there was a lot of good and a lot of bad in that game. I'm not going to sit here and go over all of it before the jump. I'm glad to have the victory, but man it didn't come easily. There were many times when we about gave the game away, but we hunkered down and pulled through.

Join me after the jump and we'll get into specifics: The good, the bad, and the extra bad!


Alright, Tony Gonzalez, you get your own section from me. YOU, sir, are a man's man. One handed catch while dragging two feet? No problem. Carrying players on your back 5 yards into the end zone? No problem. Clutch first down catches? No problem. You will walk into Canton one day, but for the love of all that is birdy, please hang around another 10 or 15 years.


The Good

Vick is kinda a special case, but I thought the defensive line played pretty well considering the circumstances. McCoy is a heck of an RB. He can run inside and outside, he can catch, he's pretty good. Overall, though Jerry looked like a stud, Edwards made some good plays, and Abe made some good plays.

The LBs: There were some good and some bad, but Lofton and Spoon make a pretty solid tandem out there on passing downs. The tackling was better, but still not good.

No huddle offense: Well I'll be struck dumb and called an ostrich-horse. The no huddle works! High tempo offenses work! The Patriots make a living off of high tempo offenses, and lo and behold, it worked for us. Matt has the wherewithal to call a complete offense, we just need to let him do it.

Matt Ryan's 4th quarter: Matt Ryan, you earned your keep tonight. Glad to have you back on top.

Michael Turner: 200+ yards on only 35 carries in two games? AND you're catching the ball out of the backfield with big plays? This is what we needed from you this year, and you're bringing it. Looking good, big man.

The Bad

The secondary, at times, was atrocious. For every good play they made, a terrible one was made just after it. That's to be expected, though. The Eagles have two superstars in Jackson and Maclin, and they'll be around for a while. That said, didn't see much out of Grimes today. He really must've had his side locked down, which is great to see.

Matt Ryan's first 3 quarters: There were some dopey throws made by Mr. Ryan in the first 3 quarters, but then he turned into superman when he had Turner remove the Dumb Chip from his helmet and realized he's better at running an offense than our offensive coordinator.

The Extra Bad (Ugly)

Matt Bosher: Good grief, son. Your punting was worse than mine. I can kick a ball 30 yards. Unfortunately, I can't kickoff to the end zone. Get it together or you'll be gone in a heartbeat.

Kicking the Ball to DJax at the end: WHAT was that? That was a recipe for disaster, and we about welcomed disaster. I thought for a second he was going to take it to the house, but Nicks saved the day.

Officiating: Look, I know being a ref is a difficult, thankless job where not everyone is happy, but if those refs weren't wearing horse blinders I don't know what they were doing. Matt got rocked on some iffy hits multiple times, but when Abe halfway-falls-halfway-catches himself into the back of a QB without even knocking him over and you call that, that is pathetic. There were more, but I'll stop there.

Game MVP: Gonzo, no question. Matty played a heck of a game, but no Gonzo = no victory.

Song of the Game: This. This. A thousand times this. Best song ever.

In A Word: Phew!

I probably missed some stuff, but I'm just glad to break the ice with a win this week. This week will be much less sad. Yeah!