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Falcons Somehow Beat Eagles: A Postgame Thread

If you can figure out how the Falcons pulled that off, hand me the map you're using.

This team looked outclassed for close to half the game, but they came up big late. A banged up Eagles team lost Mike Vick, Asante Samuel and more at points in that game, the Falcons capitalized, finally coming alive in the fourth quarter. 

Let's be clear: This was a crazy, borderline awful game. At the end of the day, though, the Falcons walk away 1-1. Eagles fans will say the Falcons stunk and were lucky to have won and so forth, and I'm not going to argue that point. But this gives this team something to build on, and it's sorely needed. I'll be celebrating this week. 

Oh, and leave Eagles fans alone. You wouldn't want them here if the Falcons had lost this one, and I don't want you torturing them, either.