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One Falcon To Watch: Michael Turner

Getty Images

If all goes well, no one's going to touch the ball more than Michael Turner today.

As I mentioned yesterday in my critical matchups, the Falcons' offensive fate likely hinges on the performance of the team's battering ram running back. We've spent plenty of time arguing about whether The Burner is in decline or not, but that argument is for another day. As he showed us against the Bears, he can still be mighty effective when the line blocks well and he gets a little wiggle room.

Look for the Falcons to establish the run early alongside a short passing game, with Turner being the prime (or even sole) beneficiary. The team will go right at the Eagles' weak linebackers, looking to kick Turner through holes in the line and letting him drag guys like Casey Matthews a few yards. If they can get him established, the offense will be tough for the Eagles to stop.

So watch Turner closely. Your thoughts?