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Saturday Six Pack Substitute: Why I Refuse To Acknowledge Anyone That Cheers For Vick At A Falcons Game

If we don't get our act together this weekend, I may invest in a multitude of these.
If we don't get our act together this weekend, I may invest in a multitude of these.

I decided to not Saturday Six Pack this week because all that would be on the Internet would be the same old story we've heard all week. Vick comes back to Atlanta as a starter, blah blah blah. Instead, I decided to do something a little more spicy.

Before I start this rant, make no mistake: I live by the simple mantra, "To each his own.", and while I respect each and every individual's decision on their fanhood, I can't fathom why anyone...anyone...that claims to be a Falcons fan would cheer for Vick at a Falcons game.

And yet, Falcons fans still cheer for him. Even after all that happened.

Interested yet? It gets really fun after the jump. Jump with me.

I can't really call this an angry rant, because I'm not angry, but I can tell you I was furious when I heard of how many Falcons fans were cheering for Vick when Andy Reid knowingly rubbed his return in our face in 2009. I remember this post from Adam all too well. I damn well might've gotten misty eyed at it. I don't remember.

But, and I'm putting this out there for anyone and everyone to read, I can't fathom what someone must be thinking to cheer for Vick as a Falcons fan at a Falcons game.

I'll admit, I'm proud of Vick for turning his life around, and I'm proud of him for improving as a QB, and I'll even hope Vick does well in his games.

...except against us.

You see, I don't think people understand just how much disrespect Vick showed to the Falcons. When he admitted he didn't give a crap when he was here, do you understand what that says?

Do you understand the level of immaturity and disrespect that is? He told the same team that we cheer for that he didn't give a damn, that he didn't put in a good effort to help the team, and to top it all off, he lied to the face of the man who writes his checks.

Quite possibly one of the biggest shameful events in sports history (at least in the last few years) Vick and his selfish, ignorant act left the team in shambles for prison, betraying the trust of everyone that called themselves a Falcons fan.

In his admittance of not giving a crap, Vick pretty much told every fan to kiss his ass, that he was in it for his own personal goals.  The very same fans who cheered for him on his return. Don't you realize what this guy did to the team? Don't you realize how much of an insult he threw at the fans in saying he didn't put in a good effort for the team? That's as much a slap to the faces of his teammates as anyone. This is also the same Vick that flipped off the fans.

I asked this in the comments (When I was still Zippo!) but had something of that magnitude ever happened to a team before? Had a single man's stupidity ever completely ruined a team like that before?I can't think of anything like that.

And yet...Falcons "fans" will still cheer for him at Falcons games. They will still cheer for the same man who flipped them off, who didn't give a crap about the team they cheered for, who left the team for dead because he was off doing something stupid.

You have, arguably, the greatest QB ever to suit up in a Falcons uniform on the team right now. Had Matt Ryan, Smitty, and Dimitroff not come along, we might still be talking about the destruction Vick left behind. I bet if the team hadn't had a miracle resurrection, people wouldn't be looking at Vick the same way.

You want to be a Vick fan? Fine, but as soon as he steps foot into the Dome, he is the enemy and should be treated as such. This isn't Brett Favre's return to Green Bay, folks. This is Vick's return to Atlanta, to face the team he almost singlehandedly ruined and disgraced, in front of the fans he insulted and disrespected.

And yet, people who call themselves "Falcons fans" will still cheer for Vick when he steps on the field.

...and they should be ashamed.