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Friday Discussion: Most Heartbreaking Loss

Sunday was, in a word, heartbreaking. It was not the way we wanted to see our Birds start a year many of us expect(ed) to be one of their best yet. Many (proverbial) tears were shed after the shocking 30-12 shellacking at Soldier Field. However bad it was, it certainly wasn't the worst. 

For me, the most heartbreaking Falcons loss came in the Super Bowl. A team that had gotten there against all odds with hardly any real super stars (Tuggle, Anderson withstanding) who, despite their best efforts, get manhandled by a soon-to-retire John Elway seeking redemption after a career of never winning the big one. A Falcons win in that game would have been electric for the city's sports atmosphere. It could have ushered in an all new era of Falcons Fandom. Instead, it's considered yet another depressing day in the history of ATL sports. 

I was rooting for our birds so hard that night that when it was apparent the game was out of reach, I literally got misty-eyed. And I did all of this two ours away in Alabama. I was probably the saddest kid in my city, maybe even state, that night (Alabama has no professional sports teams and couldn't care less about the NFL on the whole).

I know it's painful to bring up such memories but I feel some of us (specially you rather new Falcons fans) need some perspective. What is your most heartbreaking Falcons loss?