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Tweets of the Game: Boy that Sucked Edition

Depressing missives behind the jump, though some kept it entertaining to the end. Enjoy.

Frank Caliendo consistently brings so much pain to the world he should be tried for war crimes. @mFalcons5

Matty Ice > your QB @bangxprettyWill

Matt Forte is going to get tired of Sean Weatherspoon quickly. @ReidAdair

Sean Weatherspoon is playing out of his mind today. He looks like a one-man barbarian horde. @TheFalcoholic

Apparently Sean Weatherspoon didn't have lunch, and will settle on having Matt Forte @KMarch_

Turner, Ryan to White, Turner. Ah, feels like 2010. @TheFalcoholic

If Matt Forte touches the ball, rest assured Sean Weatherspoon isn't too far away. @ReidAdair

Uh oh...Cutler's getting a little frustrated. @FalconsDCox

It just wouldn't be a Bears game if Jay Cutler didn't get whiny. @jeannathomas

Horrendous tackling!!!!! GOTTA WRAP UP!!!!! @Poppa_Falcon

And .....the wheels are coming off. @DirtyBird4Life


6:14 left in half...someone on the Falcons needs to make a play. Not a lost cause at all, but it's time. @FalconsDCox

Chris Owens guarding that invisible man!!! @DREdwards25

chris owens lol @APixels

Were the Falcons supposed to be more explosive or implosive this season? Maybe I mis-heard the talk in the off season... @Technomonk13

How much are we paying Robinson again? Is it guaranteed? @skoob0211

The Falcons look totally unprepared for this game. They just do. @TheFalcoholic

Follow the trail of scorched turf, and it shall lead you to the one they call Michael Turner. @TheFalcoholic

Currently suffering from football-induced Tourette's. All kinds of profanity coming out of my mouth. @jeannathomas

I would never, ever have expected this. Wow. @ReidAdair

No one covering him. Falcons aren't scheming well and guys aren't executing. 23-6. Gonna take a minor miracle now. @TheFalcoholic

The Falcons have done very little right today. I am just going to call this Preseason Week 5. @EdGrohl

Wow damn geez @nursefromGA

Mike Mularkey must have accidentally installed the "Trainwreck offense" instead of the "Explosive offense." @mFalcons5

I have nothing but hate in my heart for Brian Urlacher. @jeannathomas

Just took all my frustration out on telemarketer. Felt good. @FalconsNeedRing

You're a blockhead, Atlanta Falcons Brown. @TheFalcoholic

Roses are red, violets are blue, the Falcons' offense has basically sucked today, and I forgot how this is supposed to end. @TheFalcoholic