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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day: Thank Vishnu We Re-Signed Snelling

Dave brought us a mid-week injury report earlier today. If you think Dave is smelly and elected not to read it, then shame on you! Dave can't help that he's smelly. It's genetic. In any case, it appears that Ovie might be MIA come Sunday, which means J-Dawg a.k.a. Jason Snelling may lead-block a fair amount against the team that Hewhoshallnotbenamed plays for.

Aside from the not-so-insignificant fact that he plays through epilepsy (treated by medication), the kid can pound the rock. And sure, he's 2 inches shorter and 25 pound lighter than Ovie, but the kid did alright as a fill-in at FB last week. Plus he's a formidable receiving threat, which could make for some interesting packages on offense, ones we wouldn't normally see.

In my mind, re-signing Snelling is one of the smartest things we could have done. I've gone on record (a lot) about my skepticism as to J-Dawg's ability. But his versatility is clearly paying dividends now. I think.

What do y'all think? If Ovie has to miss considerable time, can we make do with J-Dawg?