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Discussing The One Thing The Falcons Must Address This Week

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The Atlanta Falcons did many things wrong on Sunday. Here's a brief list, bulleted for your reading ease:

  • Failing to tackle

  • Failing to cover

  • Failing to block defenders

  • Failing to find the open man

  • Failing to go downfield

  • Failing to punt

  • Failing to return on special teams

  • And many more!

Now obviously, we'd all like to see those problems gone by the Eagles game. Realistically, though, this team isn't going to come out looking like the Football Gods' perfect team, no matter how many sacrifices they make at the altar of game planning. So what I want to know is this: If you could drastically improve one thing, what would it be?

For me, it's the tackling. The zone can be adjusted. The blitzes can be changed. If you can't wrap up your guy and bring him to the ground, though, you might as well not even be on the field. How many plays have we seen over the last three and change years that would have been five yard gains with good tackling, but instead became long touchdown runs? Too many.

That also helps to address another major concern with the defense, namely the soft zone coverage that had guys like Dunta Robinson and Chris Owens lunging at receivers from five yards away. When your team can wrap up and bring dudes down, it allows you to play the zone effectively and keep plays in front of you. Even though I think this zone is a little too soft, better tackling can only help. 

I'm interested to see if you all agree with me, so be sure to weigh in.