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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day: The Dirty Birds + September 11th 2011

Won't make this political. Promise. But tomorrow is obviously a significant day.

Not only is it Opening Day, it's the 10th anniversary of a world-changing event we're all familiar with. Ten years ago the Falcons were in a very different place. I remember being at a home game a few weeks after 9/11: The Vick Era was in full effect, and while that was an exciting time for the team, I had a distinct awareness of just how lucky I was. Lucky because I can wake up, conversate with the ones I love, and keep on keeping on.

We get to watch our favorite team lay it on the line week in and week out; at least for 16 weeks a year. Then we spend the next 5 months opining about the past, the future, and Thomas Dimitroff's pomade brand. And that's something we can all be grateful for. Democrat, Republican, American, non-American, or aquatic mammal. We're a lucky bunch.

If you haven't heard, Lance Briggs is rocking some special 9/11-related gear tomorrow. But so are our boys. Roddy will sport some very patriotic footwear and Under Armour hooked JJ11 up with these kicks. All the players are wearing patches to show their respect.

All in all, it will be a great day for a Bears drubbing. Let's do it. And remember what you have folks. Because it can be taken away in an instant. That said, I know some of the readership are vets/active duty and/or related to the same. Thank y'all!