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Saturday Six Pack: These Games Actually Count Edition 9/10/11

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Now that real football is starting, it's time to hit up some sports homies and have some of these!
Now that real football is starting, it's time to hit up some sports homies and have some of these!

Haha I just noticed it's 9/10/11. The little things in life. Ya know. Anywho, the Falcons start playing for real this weekend, and I've got the usual stuff for you, including a silly surprise, but not really a surprise. Alright, that's enough. Less talk, more....stuff!

AJC: DOL brings the usual content for us this week. First up, my silly surprise. DOL lists the radio and TV announcers for this week. Just to inform you all, there will come a time in the next two decades where that reads Wes Durham Caleb Rutherford. Well, that's what I'm going to school for, though that's just me being silly. Hopefully it reads that way some day, though. In any case, REAL STUFF. A Q&A with Ray Edwards and a Q&A with owner Arthur Blank. Both are good reads. It's nice to know that BPR (Big Play Ray) knows why he was brought here.

So much Falcons news this week. It's really nice.

Southtown Star: Andrew Seligman of Southtown Star writes about how the key to the Bears' success is protecting Cutler. The thing that caught my eye was the beginning when it references a shirt that Roddy was wearing that said "48-21" and "UNACCEPTABLE" on it. Personally, I think that's great. Do players not want to remember that? Sure they don't. It was a terrible game, BUT if you don't want it to happen again, you have to remind everyone of it so it stays fresh on their mind. These are grown men. They won't live in the past, but you can bet they'll learn from it.


Los Angeles Times: The LA Times previews the game. They offer some interesting stats on the game, and they also pick us to win, as is 90% of everyone else. Still, it offers some good stuff and is worth the read.

Yahoo Sports: Yahoo contributor and Falcons fan Sean Durity talks about how the Saints loss is good and bad for the Falcons. He makes some good points, including that both teams looks scary as all get out on offense, but looked vulnerable on defense. One thing I noticed was that BJ Raji was an immovable object. That dude was plugging up the center of GB's D-line like a boss. I hope we don't run his way much when we play them.

USA Today: Jarrett Bell of the USA Today writes this article which, admittedly, makes me like Julio Jones even more than I already did, which is saying something because he's only been a positive for me. What really got me in this article was his explanation of how he keeps his priorities in line, and how Saban was so confident in Julio's focus, he even told the Falcons' coaches they wouldn't have to worry about him. Julio has even said he hasn't even 'gone out', not even to fish! That's dedication. I really, really hope he turns out to be something special for us.

Random Funny: This image! I was looking for a decent humorous image for you all and stumbled across this one as soon as I went to the site, and found it to be silly enough to be put on here. Enjoy!