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One Falcon To Watch: I Have No Idea

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The Atlanta Falcons will take on the Baltimore Ravens in less than five hours, which is pretty sweet. There will be a ton of players worth watching, and frankly, it's impossible to pick one.

We'd all love to see James Sanders. Kelvin Hayden was just signed yesterday, so I doubt he'll get much time out there on the field. Sanders has been with the Falcons for most of two days, too, so he's not getting on the field. 

I'm very interested in Sanders, because he's at least a valuable reserve and a guy who might possibly be competing with Thomas DeCoud. I also like his coverage skills, if not his ability against the run, and I want to see him in game action after my brother-in-law texted me to ask, succinctly, why I was excited about the guy in the first place. That does tend to give you pause, even if I have seen him play on more than a few occasions. 

But I digress. There's literally 20-30 players fighting for the their Falcon futures tonight, so there'll be at least half that many worth watching. So watch Dominique Franks. And Darrin Walls. And maybe Spencer Adkins. Hell, there's so many Falcons to watch with more than fifteen dudes to cut that it would be impossible to pick just one. Didn't stop me from trying, did it? 

Who is your pick(s) for a Falcon to watch?