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Saturday Six Pack: There Was A Saturday Last Saturday Edition 8/6/11

It's still hot as blazes. Stay cool out there.
It's still hot as blazes. Stay cool out there.

When I went to bed Friday night, I felt like something was amiss. The lockout was finally over, and there was a whirlwind of whirlwinds worth of free agency explosions happening all over everywhere all at once. It didn't occur to me until Saturday night that I whiffed on the Saturday Six Pack last week!

I'm sure, with all the news that was going on at the time, that it wasn't really noticed. I mean, I've written the thing for the past year (almost) and I didn't even notice.

In any case, I've got some good stuff for you today including some recaps of the Friday night scrimmage from the AJC. Let's check it out!

AJC: The AJC went ham on the articles this week, featuring DOL and Schultz talking about all kinds of goodness. First, Dunta says he needs to be better. He graded himself a 5 out of 10 last year, and was even willing to take blame in areas that might not've been his fault. He expects to be better this year. I don't think he was a 5, but improvement is always welcome. Next, don't forget about HD! He's been lost in the shuffle but he says he's ready to play at full speed this year. Good for him, I hope he pans out for us!

Next, a recap of the Friday night scrimmage, plus Meier's positive performance, and some pictures! Lastly, Julio Jones crams his brain every night with the playbook. Wide receivers coach Terry Robiskie is bringing him along slowly, knowing that too much info could be harmful, but I can't wait to see Julio step out onto the field.

ESPN: Newly acquired defensive end Ray Edwards thinks the Falcons D can be great. I will say that he doesn't sound like an egotistical crazy man in this article, but more like a team player who wants to help his team win. I sure hope he shows he's worth his salt for us! Though our team doesn't misfire on players very often (knock on wood)


New York Times: Andy Benoit of the NY Times previews the Falcons 2011 season. It is really well written, though I can't say I agree with his prediction of us finishing 2nd in the NFC South (likely behind the Saints). It also inspired a thought provoking post I'll have up later this week, assuming I remember it.

Random Funny: I had to put this here because it is worthy of moving up a few spots. Evidently, recently on a sports radio talk show, Harry Douglas ain't did nothing. There's about 45 seconds of yelling in that clip. I got a pretty good kick out of it, because it does personify sports talk radio. Here is a video of a look back at Deion's career and how he changed the game of football. It's pretty neat that we finally have a real representative of the Hall and not just a passerby, if you will. I don't expect that to last forever, but until then, it's good to be represented.

Bucs Nation: Our (friends) over at the Bucs' site ask a simple question: Is Michael Koenen an elite punter? ......hehehehe. Their picture caption would suggest they're still sour over losing to us a few times in recent memory, I think. Yikes.