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The NFL And Atlanta Falcons Bloodletting Open Thread

Cut! (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Cut! (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Getty Images

UPDATE 1:25 EST: The 49ers cut loose inside linebacker Scott McKillop, and the Panthers let go of guard Duke Robinson. Both quality players with some question marks. 

Cuts were coming in fast and furious yesterday and they'll continue throughout the day today. The Falcons, as you know, still have five players to cut. 

Each team is trimming from roughly 90 to 80, so there's a little bit of intrigue here. A handful of guys who are household names—or at least infamous ones—will probably see the axe. 

Some notable names who found themselves getting all Marie Antoinetted yesterday:


  • Vernon Gholston. The super bust from New York winds up cut after just a month with the Chicago Bears.
  • Tank Tyler. Talented yet troubled defensive tackle will get a shot somewhere. Also dumped by the Bears.
  • Andre Gurode. Famous for getting his face stomped on by Albert Haynesworth, Gurode also happens to be a pretty effective center. He'll latch on somewhere.
  • Brett Ratliff. Considerable upside but he's never done anything with it. When you get bounced from the Titans and Browns, that might be it. 
Discuss the NFL's host of cuts here. As the Falcons submit theirs, I'll update this post.