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Falcons Thoughts: Under The Radar To Victory Again

The rumblings keep pouring in. "Julio Jones is for real." they say.

I only wish I was able to watch training camp. Jeanna Thomas's recap of training camp action was fantastic and definitely brought back the football itch.

The Eagles have signed a mass of talent, knowing their window is closing. I agree that it's closing, but I don't know if it will carry them to victory. While the Eagles have always had our number, they have failed in the road to the Super Bowl many a time.

The Eagles comparison to the Heat, however fair, has done them a massive disservice. Now the media will be on Philly's heels the entire season, and if they slip up in Week 1, they could be ripe for the picking when they encounter us. They will be picked apart, much like the Heat, and no matter what the Heat tell you, it had to have distracted them.

Being that the Eagles and Packers are both NFC powers, combined with the fact that both teams draw more media attention than us, we're in prime position to end up atop the NFC without a soul realizing we've done it, and that's just the way we like it.

Last year, we managed to somehow avoid the spotlight for most of the season, until the spotlight made us shrivel up. I feel like, assuming we return to the spotlight come playoff time, the same mistakes will not be made.

I think that we're in position this year to sneak under the radar again and take the NFC by storm with little distractions and little to get in our way except ourselves.

Do you think we'll be able to avoid the spotlight for most of the season again? Or will the rumblings of letting Matty loose bring about more media attention? Will the Eagles wither under the pressure? Discuss!