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Your (Likely) Atlanta Falcons Fantasy Studs

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While I start to put names into a hat for a grand drawing in our upcoming Yahoo! Sports fantasy football league, I thought it would be good to give you a look at what you can expect from our own Atlanta Falcons in fantasy this season. What can I say? I am a fount of knowledge.

If you'd care to follow along after the jump, I'll list my five top picks for fantasy amongst our very own Falcons. Please weigh in with your own in the comments.

QB Matt Ryan: Duh. The fourth-year quarterback had a superb season in 2010, and with Julio Jones at his disposal, he's only going to get better. Consider him a virtual lock for 25-30 touchdowns and 3,000 yards, making him a high-end quarterback selection in nearly every format. He also doesn't throw too many picks! Hurray!

RB Michael Turner: In a PPR league, Turner can kill you. In nearly every other league, his real-life struggles for stretches of games do little to diminish his value. After all, he usually puts up close to 10 touchdowns and well over 1,000 yards. That makes him an RB1, no question.

WR Roddy White: With Julio Jones on the scene, he may not be quite as great in PPR leagues as he was a year ago. It hardly matters, given his chances of catching 70-80 passes, reeling in more than 1,000 yards and potentially double digit touchdowns...again. He's easily one of the five best receivers in fantasy.

WR Julio Jones: Somewhat of a wild card because he's a rookie, so I wouldn't really recommend him as anything more than a borderline WR3/WR4. That said, he's got a chance to be the best rookie receiver out there, and it wouldn't surprise me in the least to see him haul in at least 40 catches in 2011. Take a flier on him.

TE Tony Gonzalez: No longer the best tight end out there, Gonzo's still good for 40-50 catches, 500+ yards and a handful of touchdowns. Snag him as your top option if your league doesn't emphasize tight ends, or your backup if it does.