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Why Harry Douglas Is Set To Be A Great Story In 2011

This is a guest post from Sara. She'll tell you why Harry Douglas is due for a breakout.

Harry Douglas is this preseason’s big story. He is the quintessential comeback kid. It may even be safe to say that he’s come back better, faster, stronger than even before his injury. Sure, everyone has been talking about Pro Bowl Wide Receiver Roddy White and first round draft pick, rookie Julio Jones, but it’s really Douglas that will have an explosive season in the slot. This 2011 season, expect Falcons fans to be rising up for their hometown star.


It’s safe to say last year wasn’t exactly Douglas’ best. He was even poised for greatness with Jenkins out. He just couldn’t deliver. I don’t know if it was the pressure or if his knee was still the biggest issue, but I think all of Falcons nation felt like he disappointed. It’s clear, though, that he’s got some sort of fire lit under him and is ready to rock and roll this season with the other offensive stars on the team.


Douglas started all this talk with the first preseason game at home against Miami. He caught a pass from Matt Ryan in double coverage in the end zone. Pretty sweet. He was the final cog in the wheel that made people really say "ok, this Falcons offense is the real deal." In the following game in Jacksonville, he was really the only one with major offensive production. He had a massive 76-yard touchdown, complete with some epic blocking by Julio Jones (talk about a team player…great to see a kid understand that concept of blocking right out of college). At this point, all I’m waiting on from Douglas at is an awesome TD dance.


I’m anxious to see what Douglas does for the Falcons offense in the future, especially against big-time defenses like the Saints and Packers. I think the next preseason matchup in Pittsburgh will be a real test of his speed and maneuverability. The Steelers have issues with their corners, which may leave room for Douglas, White, and Jones to rack up some points and make a real impact.


If the Falcons want to prove that they’re a Super Bowl contender this year, then they need to make as statement with the next game, regardless of the fact that it’s "just the preseason."


I will say one thing is for certain, though…we have not seen the last of Harry Douglas, and watching him have success on the field only makes me more excited for what is to come in the regular season.  


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