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Saturday Six Pack: Starters Starting Saturday Night Edition 8/27/11

Saturday night football. The perfect chance to have some of these. Responsibly!
Saturday night football. The perfect chance to have some of these. Responsibly!

So the starters are going to be getting a pretty good amount of playing time tonight, with the vaunted Steelers' and their vicious D opposing us. This should be a good test for our offense, lack of opposing starting DBs not withstanding.

Anywho, I've found some good stuff for you today.

DOL: As usual, DOL is batting leadoff for us today. As some of you might realize, DOL would probably be better off batting cleanup, but he's in the 1 spot anyway. Too bad. Here is a Q&A with Smitty about all kinds of things: injuries, Darrin Walls, Ray Edwards, etc. Good stuff. Next, a Q&A with Michael Jenkins, former Falcons WR, AND a Q&A with Jamaal Anderson, former DE. Also, get to know undrafted rookie DB Darrin Walls. AJC had some good stuff this week.

Bonus AJC: World's oldest person and Georgia resident turned 115 this week. Wow,

NBC New York: Hey, we could win the Super Bowl! He brought up the game-that-shall-not-be-remembered, but it's a good read. Also from a big media market, as well. A wee bit of big time exposure for us. Woo!

Fox Sports: Here is an article that previews the game tonight as well as gives a little background into the Steelers. Evidently, their OL has been a revolving door of ouch. They've gone through quite a few bodies. That won't bode well for them in the regular season.

Fox Sports South (Pretty sure the two are different.): More about Darrin Walls. He's the flavor of the week right now. Gotta ride the wave, ya know. Interestingly enough, he took a semester off from school for personal reasons, which may have harmed his draft stock. If that's the case, we might've gotten a steal in him. I'm iffy about him leaving school, but stuff does happen. If he stays out of trouble and turns out to be something, then fantastic.

Washington Post: This is a pretty good read. Matty and Gonzo are still seeking their first playoff wins. I love the team atmosphere we have, I love that the players want to send Gonzo out as a champ. I really think this could be our year. We might have to sneak in, not unlike the 2010 Packers, but I think we can do it.

Random Funny: I feel sorry for the community that has this sign posted, well, anywhere.