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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day: Brian Williams is Officially NOT an Option

Some have opined about possibly bringing back Craptastic Knees Williams. He'd be an insurance policy at nickel CB. And - according to this - he is no longer an option.

The Giants waived linebacker Kenny Ingram to make room for Williams on the roster.

Williams joins a Giants team in dire need of a cornerback after losing Terrell Thomas and Brian Witherspoon for the season to torn ACL injuries on Monday night.

The fact that they chose him over Lito Sheppard and Dre Bly sorta blows my mind. To be sure, it sounds like his football intelligence basically won him the job. But let's be honest, stranger things have happened in Coughlinland. If you're reading this Tommy, then please - for the love of Vishnu - don't say I didn't tell ya so when Jason Avant makes B-Will look like a Pee Wee water boy.

I know one thing: just reading about NY's secondary woes makes me knock on wood so hard I have to keep a fire extinguisher handy.

Truth be told, I could care less where B-Will plays football this year. He was a solid player for us. But now he's old. And his knees are gelatinesque. Really I'm just glad he's officially a non-option. Franks has what it takes. It's his time. So sit your play-fake-jumping behind down Owens, because it's D-Franks' turn to shine.