Depth Chart for Steelers

DOL posts the depth chart for the Steelers preseason game here.


A few things to point out:


WR - Kerry Meier is listed behind Roddy, and Weems is #3 behind JJ and HD.

RG - Reynolds is still #1, not surprised, but notable

TE - Reggie Kelly is #2, followed by palms of fury.  see note on RG.

RB - Jacquizz is still #5 behind those other 2 guys.  I hope this is just to weed them out.

FB - Thor is #3, not living up to his name.

RE - Sidbury is behind Abe

DT - Starters are Babs and Peters, with Jerry at #3

RE - EDWARDS!!!!, then our favorite superhero from that state with only like 300 people

WLB - Spoon with Adkins is #2

MLB - Bear Woods is buried deep

SLB - Nicholas then that old guy

CB - Grimes and Dunta starting, with no indication who is winning between Franks and Owens

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