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The Falcoholic Fantasy League Lineup Is Set

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The field is set. The Falcoholic fantasy football league—sponsored by Yahoo!, I add helpfully—is set to kick off.

After the painstaking process of writing all of your names down and drawing them out of a hat, I've produced a list of 15 people who will vie for supremacy in The Falcoholic's league. You will be facing off against Abe's Heat Vision, my team.

It was tough to winnow down to a 16 team league—by far our largest yet—but here we are.

For everyone who didn't make it, I hope you'll organize leagues of your own with other Falcoholics. Everyone deserves a chance to draft Roddy White, after all.

After the jump, find the full list. Everyone on the list needs to e-mail me by Thursday or your spot in the league will be forfeit!  Looking forward to getting my ass kicked by the lot of you.

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  • h816
  • TurnerTheBurner
  • JJWatts1stfalconspick
  • dbizzle0206
  • Ball Hawk
  • MJN
  • ATLsince1972
  • Chandler12
  • fava08
  • redfalcon2
  • Bonhoffer
  • Blood_Talon
  • maxxj3
  • RANewton
  • Jeff S

ALTERNATES (in order)

  • TheAreopagite
  • sifu
  • grg
  • sportsfan4life2012