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Saturday Six Pack: Falcons Lose Preseason, Win Season Edition 8/20/11

Don't drown yourself in these just because last night was sloppy. It's just the preseason.
Don't drown yourself in these just because last night was sloppy. It's just the preseason.

So the preseason is chugging along, and we're losing, and it's not a big deal. I believe we'll be fine. I imagine most teams are rusty at this point, and we're a well-coached team. We'll iron out the kinks (or, at least, enough of the kinks) to be ready for Chicago.

Anywho, got some recaps and such for ya today, pushed back 'til the afternoon because it's too awesome for the AM.

DOL: Regardless of your opinion of DOL at this point, he provides a couple good things for us today. First, a recap of the game. And some more troll comments. Gotta love those. In any case, it's a good explanation of what happened. It was a snoozefest. Second, get to know the Froman. It's cool to get to know the rookies we have, even if they might not be sticking around!

ESPN: Pat Yasinskas of ESPN gives his own recap of the game. He offers some good points. Grimes is a heck of a player and deserves the accolades. His amazing athleticism makes up for any missteps he might make. Love him. I have high hopes for him again this year.


Athlon Sports: Athlon Sports previews the Falcons season. I liked this when I read it. It gave a good preview of what's to come, and these guys think that the Bucs won't be a huge factor come season time. Based on what we saw last night, that might be the case. Which leads me to.... This recap of the Bucs-Pats game last night. Why is this important? Read some of what's in there. The Patriots operated at full throttle last night and the Bucs couldn't keep up. I think this is very important to note because if we would start doing the same thing, we could keep teams off-balance. That's part of why the no-huddle offense was so good. Defenses didn't have time to get all their assignments in by the time we were snapping the ball. The Patriots run that type of high speed philosophy and it works wonders for them. We should take note. With fantasy season coming up really soon, I decided to reserve this one for some fantasy advice. This go round, it's a post about rookies to keep an eye out for this year. Naturally, our own Julio Jones is on the list, and also naturally, Mark Ingram is getting all the hype in NO. Still, it gives a good list of rookies, though I think Ryan Williams got hurt last night and might be done for the year.

Random Funny: I wouldn't say this is funny so much as it is amusing. Evidently, Jonathan Baldwin got into a fight with Thomas Jones. Baldwin lost, injured his wrist, and might be out for the rest of the preseason. Aren't you glad we didn't take a flyer on him? Hate it for the Chiefs though. I like them, but I think they picked the wrong guy.