DOL vs Miko Grimes: When Tweetin' It Real Goes Wrong.

WARNING: Some very salty and just plain profane (albeit hilarious and awesome) language will be included in the quotes in this post!!

Anyone read the online AJC Sports section this morning? If you did, you may have come across this article. In it, DOL hypothesizes that Brent Grimes may be thumbing his nose at $2.61 million...yadda, yadda, yadda. He also took a small (what I consider) shot at Grimes' Pro Bowl visit last year. Maybe I am wrong, but go and read it for yourselves because we have bigger fish to fry here.

Apparently Brent wasn't really happy about the tone of the article and went to everyone's favorite soapbox: Twitter. Here is what he had to say:

" stop trying to paint me in a negative light... I can't practice until the 4th, you don't know what I have going on right now"

like I said you dont know wht i have going on. Just dont try & make me out as not appreciating wht the Falcons have offered me

Innocent enough in my book. Beat writer gets under a player's skin a little, player gets miffed, speaks his piece, and that's that. He pretty much went to "Shark Week" and baby poop commercial posts after that. Brent gets over it, moves on and DOL lives to fight another day....UNTIL...

Remember the time when suckas and hatas blatantly forgot about Dre? Well DOL could never have expected what was about to happen. DOL made a critical error...he forgot about MIKO.

For those not in the know, Miko is Brent Grimes' wife/manager. And anyone familiar with her Tweets knows that there ain't no future in your frontin' and there CERTAINLY ain't no shame in her game. The Twitter fury that was unleashed by Miko was like watching a Chuck E Cheese girl fight give birth to a 2 Live Crew album. Cover your ears if you feel the need, because this just went from "mild beef" to "INCREDIBLE ROUND-HOUSE FACE PUNCH OF AWESOME".

Initially, Miko had expressed mild displeasure with the article:

I cant WAIT to get in the house & on my computer! Im about to light a fuckin match under Bedwetter's ASS! U fucked ...

@iHeartMiko: I let hella shit slide in the past but u fucked up this time! U dont know SHIT but ur raggedy ass mouth is always open!

DOL...U fucked. And as Brent's manager (!), Miko wanted to make sure that DOL knew their finances are under control and Brent is happy with a 1st round tender (an unusual leverage ploy):

@iHeartMiko: Ayo bitchass u better listen up and listen good u fucking idiot! My husband is NOT holding out! If he were ID REPORT IT, not u!

@iHeartMiko: my husband is VERY appreciative of a 1st rd tender! As his wife, I want him to get a contract extension but he just wants 2 play

At this time, she felt that DOL needed to know that she remembers last year:
@iHeartMiko: i let u slide last yr when u tried to said Smitty blamed him for bad D b/c i thought u were retarted & didnt know any better.

And then IT GOT REAL:
@iHeartMiko: All the people that did sign their 1 year deal or whatever they got are bored or jacking off like YOU DO every night u LOSER!

@iHeartMiko: I cant wait for him to report to camp because Im gonna find your stupid ass and tell u exactly what i think of you TO YOUR FACE!

Then it got laughably ironic:
@iHeartMiko: how the fuck did you get your job anyway? you're illiterate! you have a speech impediment! your UGLY! and your DUMB as hell! SMH

@iHeartMiko they need to give me YOUR DAMN JOB! Id be better at it and I wouldnt report LIES or shit I had no clue about, unlike YOU!

Then it got manic:
@iHeartMiko: ... How is everybody doing today? :)

@iHeartMiko: Lol yes, me and are doing well thanks for asking! :)

This was the eye of the storm. Everything was steady on the waters until DOL decided to respond. Bad move.
@AJCFalcons: is standing TALL in the pocket! Ignoring the foolishness.

Oh god...
@iHeartMiko: then ignore yourself u fucking IDIOT! report the TRUTH u bitch! RT is standing TALL in the pocket! Ignoring the foolishness.

@iHeart Miko: Funny thing is...i REALLY let this bitch slide so many times last year. Not this year! Im on your ASS u BITCHASS MF'er!!

@iHeartMiko: and knows EXACTLY who i am too and u better run fat boy! And dont try speaking to my son anymore! He dont fuck with u either!

@iHeartMiko: yeah with his hand in his pocket jackin that little ass dick!

And Finally, THIS happened:
@iHeartMiko: I just called in to and me and hubby are about to be on LIVE and put all this BULLSHIT to REST! Suck It Easy

Yes. She and Brent actually went on the Two Live Stews and lost very little steam in giving the unlistenable duo a curse-free recap of the day's Twitter events and just continuing to blast poor DOL. In keeping with the theme, Brent was toned down and level headed. Miko was, well Miko.

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