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Today In Bizarre Possibilities: Falcons Still In On Osi Umenyiora?

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At some point, your defensive end rotation goes from great to obscenely great...and obscenely expensive. 

There doesn't seem to be any way the Falcons could afford to get Osi Umenyiora from the Giants, considering he'll cost them an early-round pick and more money than they currently have in cap space. Adding Umenyiora and his ego to a rotation that already includes John Abraham, Ray Edwards and Kroy Biermann seems like playing with fire.

I have to believe that this is just Jason La Canfora speculating, because the alternative is that the Falcons are effectively burying Kroy Biermann. It's not that I dislike Umenyiora—in many ways, he's a better pure pass rusher than Ray Edwards—but unless you're trading Abe away, this is a move that makes no sense. And heck, that doesn't make any sense, because Abe is still better than Osi.

At most, it's the Falcons trying to figure out if there was any way they could land him for a song. That's not exactly the likeliest possibility.

More than likely, that last five million in cap space is going toward a running back—Jason Snelling is still in limbo—and perhaps depth in the secondary. I know Thomas Dimitroff likes to make the occasional splash, but I'd like to think that Julio Jones was his 2011 cannonball.

Does this seem as unlikely to you as it does to me?