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Atlanta Falcons-Jacksonville Jaguars Open Thread

It’s time for the team’s second rumble in sunny Florida in as many weeks. This week, it’s the mighty Jaguars.

Don’t sweat it if the Falcons fall behind. It is just pre-season, of course, and this team is going to be plenty good once the season rolls around. What matters is that the Falcons play well and get a sense of which reserves are going to be worth keeping as they move forward. The first required round of cutdowns is just around the corner on August 30, after all.

Watch the reserves tonight to see how they hold up against capable Jaguars backups. Watch the starters to see if they can eviscerate the Jags' starters. Heck, watch the coaching staff as they enjoy a big bowl of vanilla scheming. It's gonna be fun!

So crack open a cold one and join me in the thread for a discussion of the game. Enjoy!