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John Abraham Feeling So Fresh, So Ready To Destroy Quarterbacks

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You don't give a nickname like "The Predator" lightly. John Abraham has earned it by mercilessly tracking down opposing quarterbacks and destroying their very souls.

In his career, Abraham has conquered countless offensive linemen. He's beaten dozens of quarterbacks to a pulp. The one thing he hasn't been able to conquer is Father Time, though I'm pretty sure Abe would sack that old dude's ass if given the chance.

Ray Edwards was signed to provide more pressure off the edge, which he will provide. But his signing also greatly bolsters the depth at defensive end, giving Kroy Biermann, Lawrence Sidbury and Cliff Matthews chances to spell Abe.

That's the way it should be for the Predator. He's getting older, and he can't possibly be effective playing 75 percent or more of the defensive snaps every single game. But Abe is feeling fresh, he's coming off a 13 sack campaign and the Falcons have given him some help. When he's revitalized and not getting chopped at all game long, Abe is an absolute force of nature. That's why I'm so incredibly optimistic about him this season. That, of course, and the fact that he's one of the greatest pass rushers of the last two decades. 

Excited about Abe for this season? If so, join the club.