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Report: Corey Peters Will Not Require Surgery

It's a miracle if a team makes it through training camp and the pre-season without a major injury. The Falcons haven't even come close in recent years to doing so.

If you need someone to come along and take a baseball bat to your knee while you're jogging down Memory Lane, I'm happy to do it for you. Recall 2009, when Peria Jerry suffered a devastating injury that knocked him out for the season and hampered his effectiveness the next. Ditto Kerry Meier in 2010, who was expected to provide quality depth at a thin wide receiver corps before he lost his entire year to injury.

Thankfully, the scary leg injury Corey Peters suffered in Sunday's practice isn't an ACL tear. D. Orlando Ledbetter reports that Peters will be out for the Jacksonville game, but will not require surgery. You can breathe a collective sigh of relief anytime.

Before the season has even started, the Falcons have seen two guys concussed (John Parker Wilson and Mike Johnson), several banged up and one having suffered a potentially devastating injury (Corey Peters)....and they've just been through their first pre-season game. Football is a brutal sort of game, but it still manages to surprise you every year.

I'm hoping that like 2008, the Falcons can put an unusually healthy team on the field for 16 games in 2011. At the very least, we have a nice little silver lining with Peters not needing surgery.

Discuss the Falcons, injuries and Corey Peters here. Happy Monday, everyone.