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Peering At Position Battles After The Falcons-Dolphins Tilt

So what did that first pre-season game do for the camp battles we've profiled thus far? Let's not waste any time dinking around before we answer this urgent question. 

In total, we've profiled four camp battles up to this point. You can find my original posts hereherehere and aqui. I've touched base on a battle I hadn't yet written about, too. 

You can find it all after the jump. Why wait?

Mike Johnson vs. Garrett Reynolds: Whether you thought Reynolds performed flawlessly Friday night or not, he showed he's a capable run blocker and someone who can grow into right guard. With Johnson still out with a concussion, this job is all but GR's. 

Adam Froman vs. John Parker Wilson: Still trying to figure out how JPW's doing, because that's going to go a long way toward determining how this one ends up. JPW was sloppy but had his moments, while Froman quietly did okay until his game-ending interception. JPW's got the definite leg up, but I'm not ready to call this one just yet.

Stephen Nicholas vs. Mike Peterson: Neither was a true standout in this game, given their limited playing time. But I think Nicholas is pretty clearly the starter, mostly because Mike Peterson is telling everyone he's the backup. That's straightforward talk, right there.

Dominique Franks vs. Chris Owens: Rafael Bush is a factor here, also, but Franks is bigger, stronger and a more natural cornerback, even if Bush had a heads-up pick in the game. Owens got burnt to a crisp and Franks did fine in his action, so I think we've all but resolved this one. Unless, of course, something goes horribly wrong.

Dominique Franks vs. Eric Weems: Here's the new one. Franks looked very natural returning kicks Friday night, while Brandyn Harvey looked great in the passing game. I like Weems and think he's valuable, but if the coaching staff is willing to toss their nickel back in harm's way on special teams, he could be expendable. This is one to watch in the weeks ahead.

Got any you'd like to add to the list?