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Saturday Six Pack: Football Is Real Again Edition 8/13/11

Don't have too many of these too quickly, friends. It's just the preseason.
Don't have too many of these too quickly, friends. It's just the preseason.

FINALLY, some real football going on, and I actually get to watch some of the games not-Panthers-related this year. I'm excited.

In any case, the preseason Saturday Six Packs will likely be a little different, with preseason games being spread out all over the place. I'll do what I can for you guys. In any case, let's get this rolling!

AJC: As always....err, well, I guess not completely always now, but DOL brings us some good articles today. Here is his recap of the game (as well as a bunch of troll comments. Seriously, it's terrible.) and here is some quotes from players inside the locker room. Yeah, it's a little bit more laid back, but you've gotta love all the credit the teammates give each other. It's nice to have that kind of cohesion in the locker room.

The Sporting News: I happened to stumble across this interview with Dimitroff and came away more impressed with everything. He, Smitty, and Arthur Blank are no dummies. They know full well what's going on with the offense and defense, even from the statistical point-of-view, as Dimitroff reveals in the interview. I'd venture to guess they know what all is going on.

SBN Atlanta: Evidently, our Falcons homie Alexander Shirkey has been writing some rather amusing posts, but I had little idea of them. SO, assuming some of you are like me, I'm going to share one with you. Alex asks "What if the Julio trade fell through?" It's a legitimate question, although alternate realities are rather scary places.

ESPN: This was written rather late last night, so I'm sure many of you in your hustle and bustle of life may not realize/notice/comb the desert well enough to see it, but Pat Yasinskas offers his opinion on the Falcons. And if you so desire, he tries to justify the Saints blitzing eternally as well as Breesus's iffy performance in his blog. Eh......

Chicago Tribune: Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune writes about how the Falcons believe they will step their game up this year. It's a good read, and it actually provides a bit of insight I didn't know about, with the coaches saying they're not going to run the same old boring routine at the Branch anymore, that' it's going to be unpredictable so the players' minds stay fresh. Sounds like a winner to me!

Random....Wait, what is this?: Basketball Mega-Behemoth Shaquille O'Neal is claiming a girlfriend. The catch? Her shoulders are at his waist. Seriously, you have to check this out. I laughed a bunch. Not particularly at either of them, but he's like three feet taller than her. Literally.