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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day: El Sid's Days Are Numbered?

The AJC's Dawson Devitt addresses "6 Searing Questions" in this article. It's a solid read. But let's opine re: his sixth and final question: Is this Lawrence Sidbury's last gasp?

3 of the 5 DE spots are already etched in stone with Abraham, Ray Edwards, and Kroy Biermann making up the major portion of snaps to come at DE. The next two spots pit Sidbury against coach favorite, and extremely versatile, Chauncey Davis and rookie Cliff Matthews.

I have mixed emotions about El Sid. His FCS championship game highlight reel had me downright giddy when we drafted him 2 years ago. Part of me hoped he'd emerge as a viable contributor this year. To be fair, it's possible he still will, though one has to wonder when or if his opportunity to compete will ever come.

He's like Free Cheeseburger Day at McDonalds. Not a bad idea in theory. Practically speaking though, don't get hopeful, because you're in for a disappointment. The Falcons FO (1) signed Ray Edwards; (2) re-signed Chauncey Davis; and (3) drafted Cliff Matthews (a vastly underrated prospect). Throw in Abe and Beer Man and - to be frank - unless something goes terribly wrong, he won't even be active most weeks. And if that's the case, then how much longer will he rock a Falcons uni?

Maybe I'm overreacting. Night owls, please convince me I'm wrong. Ready? Set? Go!