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Saturday Six Pack: Lockout of Time Edition 7/9/11

At the rate this lockout is going, I'm going to pick up heavy drinking and baseball.
At the rate this lockout is going, I'm going to pick up heavy drinking and baseball.

This stuff just keeps on going...and going....and going. It's dumb and ridiculous and dumb, also (mild expletive).

In any case, the usual case of most Falcons news being covered during the week rings true again this week, so let me see what I can drum up for you all this week.

DOL: The ever-reliable D. Orlando Ledbetter reports that the owners had a big victory in the court system yesterday. Evidently, the appeals court struck down Judge Nelson's ruling, saying she ignored some laws. I don't know about all this, but this is ridiculous. Daniel Shirley of believes that the Falcons won't be affected as much by the lockout. He suggests that the Falcons will have a legitimate shot to win the NFC this year. I think it's possible, but I'm not making any season predictions until a new CBA is in place.

Gang Green Nation: This isn't so much Falcons related as it is amusing, but our friends at Gang Green Nation (Jets) say that third round pick Kenrick Ellis might be deported to Jamaica. Something about citizenship and a felony, but I found the story amusing enough to take a look.

Sporting News: It would seem that DOL's services were used in the Sporting News, but in any case, the Falcons' season preview is here and it suggests that Julio Jones will have a good year. I loved the insight about how people were almost bedazzled by the fact that Roddy was always open and nobody else was aside from Gonzo. I was also amused at how the anonymous opponent said that the way Gonzo was used was "impressive", as well.

Cincy Jungle: Our friends over at Cincy Jungle decided to re-live their game against us last year, and more specifically, the third quarter where the Falcons melted. I remember seeing that game and wondering how in the heck we managed to get such a big lead, only to almost throw it away.

Random Funny: Flexibility. It's never overrated.