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Another Reason To Love Sean Weatherspoon

Once the workouts are over, players have to find their own ways to keep in shape, at least until that cursed lockout ends. Some of them have already done so.

Alexander Shirkey at SBN Atlanta is again our source this morning, reporting as he is that Sean Weatherspoon is going above and beyond the player-organized workouts that recently ended. How? By getting together with old Missouri teammates to keep the good times rolling.

Is 'Spoon the only player doing this? No. But he's a second-year guy who had a reputation for being a bit of a me-first mouth-runner before he came to Atlanta, so his situation is a bit unique. That reputation, by the way, is complete horse hockey. In case you were unsure.

I've been impressed all off-season long with the team's dedication as a collective, and extremely impressed by the individual efforts. Whether it's 'Spoon working hard on his own, Corey Peters doing yoga or Roddy White jogging to distant galaxies, you've got to respect it. Lots of teams are doing the same, but it's comforting to know the bulk of the Falcons will be ready when the season begins.

Short and sweet, I know. I figured everyone could use something to feel good about this morning, though, and I just couldn't convince the owners and players to give up the ghost. Alas.