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Today In Crazy Thoughts: Michael Floyd For The Falcons?

We're in the doldrums right now, so I'm indulging in the outlandish.

To be clear, I definitely don't think this is going to happen. The chances are slimmer than Thomas Dimitroff. But what if the Falcons used a supplemental draft pick on Michael Floyd?

This wouldn't be a question if Floyd wasn't practically adorned with potential. The National scouting service has given him an early second-round grade, which is pretty damn good for a guy who is A) a Notre Dame wide receiver and B) a guy indefinitely suspended by his team for alcohol-related arrests.

He's also a huge receiver with nice hands, the kind of guy that we all hoped Michael Jenkins would be by this point in his career. If he's a little bit raw, that's fixable.

The character concerns are likely to make the Falcons think twice. Given the nature of the supplemental draft, he might be had for a fourth or fifth round pick. At that price, maybe those character concerns are dimmed. There's a slim chance.

Humor me and talk Floyd.