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Brent Grimes Is An Awesome Cornerback

As if you needed me to give you that headline.

STATs Inc. has Brent Grimes as the most targeted cornerback in the NFL last season. Pro Football Focus has him as the second most targeted cornerback. Clearly, quarterbacks across the NFL decided that Grimes was too small to be a decent cornerback.

But a funny thing happened on the way down the field: Grimes excelled. STATS Inc. had him allowing three touchdowns on 124 targets, while PFF had him at four touchdowns on 119 targets. Any way you slice it, that's pretty freakin' incredible.

It's amazing how stubborn offensive coordinators and quarterbacks can be. A Pro Bowl berth will likely change their habits, but the fact that Grimes picked several passes, knocked down several more and generally covered receivers like a lead quilt. Football Gods bless the inflexibility!

So add that to the list of accolades for everyone's favorite Grimey. Discuss the news here.