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More Lockout Junk: Bears' Player Rep Says Season Will Happen

A couple articles for you on this 4th of July. Football news has been relatively quiet the past few days, most likely because everyone is trying to catch up with family or take trips or what have you.

First on the agenda, it seems that headway was made on some important issues with regards to the CBA. The rookie wage scale seems good, and on the 1st, there was significant progress as far as the revenue split was concerned. Whether they've totally ironed it out or not, who knows.

Second, Bears' player rep and kicker Robbie Gould says we won't miss any of the season. He also believes training camp will start on time as well. The first camps start on July 22, and if I remember right, a July 14 deadline was estimated so as to make sure everything started on time.

I don't need to tell you I'm sick of all this. I'm sure all of you are as well, but if one of the player reps is saying we won't miss anything, then I'd venture to guess we won't miss anything. Here's to getting this done ASAP.