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Tony Gonzalez: Matt Ryan Will Bring The Fireworks

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Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

One quick Falcons-related update this morning before I hit the road for about the next six hours. Tony Gonzalez told Pro Football Weekly that he believes Matt Ryan is ready to join the elite ranks of the NFL, putting him on the same level as dudes like Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Peyton Manning. That's high praise for Ryan, of course, but it's also high praise for the team that got deathly serious about surrounding our fourth year quarterback with more talent.

Ryan has his skeptics, but this will be the season where he can prove those doubters wrong. He's got two dynamic wide receivers, an aging but still great tight end and what should be a great ground game. Ryan also has a good arm, a great head on his shoulders and three years worth of experience. He's headed for big things, just as Gonzo says.

To be sure, we have to be mildly skeptical, if for no other reason than that conservative Mike Mularkey is the offensive coordinator and . But the talent is finally there for Ryan to bust the hell out. Let's hope he does.

Discuss, and enjoy your holiday!