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Eric Weems Returns To The Falcons Special Teams

I caught up with yesterday's good news late last night after spending six hours on the road, so you'll have to excuse the delayed response on this post.

The Falcons managed to land Eric "Special" Weems on a one-year contract, bringing back a first-time Pro Bowler who flashed elite return skills and the ability to tackle players at least four times as big as he is. He is like a tenacious, helmet-wearing ant. That is, believe it or not, a high compliment.

Even with the NFL's new punt return rules, Weems retains considerable value for the Falcons, particularly since Michael Jenkins is gone. If he can pick up a few more snaps at receiver, return kicks and punts and still find it in himself to bring down opposing returners, Weems will be worth every penny and then some.

The next big question is just how much of a role Weems will have in the offense, and that's something that likely won't be answered until the regular season. My guess is that he doesn't get any more than 10 grabs in 2011, but as usual, that comes with the disclaimer that I'm usually horribly wrong.

It should also be noted that in addition to Weems, John Parker Wilson and Vance Walker each signed one-year tenders. Key reserves and special teamers make their triumphant returns!

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