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All's Quiet on the Free Agent Front

I was hoping there'd be some more noise to put out on our end, but aside from Jason's link of Special Weems getting a tiny, one year deal, we have done little.

Let's see...Snelling is still an FA, as is Blalock. The Rams are still interested in Snelling, though why they would take Ronnie Brown over him is beyond me. That might be a money thing. If we don't resign Snelling (I think that is a possibility) we may go after someone like Michael Bush or even Joseph Addai, if he hasn't been resigned by the Colts.

Jenkins was signed by the Vikings. Best of luck to him. He's no Sidney Rice, but AP will help open things up for him, and McNabb isn't awful.

I'd like to keep Snelling. He's a workhorse and he's a versatile back, but he may be asking for too much and don't forget we have Quizz, too.

So tonight, I have a little discussion question for you all. If they asked for the same amount of money, who would you rather have: Snelling, Addai, or some other free agent? Let's assume they'll all know the offense well enough to not screw up come Week 1.