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A Message To Anxious Falcons Fans: Be Patient

As I prowled the Interwebs like a blogging spider yesterday, I started to notice a pattern amongst my fellow Falcons fans. For every comment speculating about who the Falcons might chase, there were three that followed this basic template:

WHY IS THOMAS DIMITROFF SO DUMB AND ALSO STUPID? He could be out getting Osi Umenyiora right now, but instead he's getting a manicure in his helicopter! WHAT A STUPID DUMB! Why haven't the Falcons signed anyone? I don't care if it's Brian Finneran in an elaborate disguise! If we don't get a defensive end I WILL DIE AND I'M NOT BEING DRAMATIC!

Was I antsy? You bet I was. Watching other teams snap up guys makes me want signings, because they're exciting and they create the discussion-based fuel on which this site runs. But even before last night's bonanza of signings, which seemed to ease the tension, I was more than a little confused about the level of concern.

It ignores the fact that the Falcons are methodical, and have been ever since Thomas Dimitroff got here. Go back in the archives over the last three seasons and you'll find off-season comments complaining that Dimitroff is going too slow, we should be getting Randy Moss/Albert Haynesworth/Highly Paid Guy, and we're going to be left behind. As a reminder, the Falcons have gone 32-16 over that span.

What I'm trying to say is, Thomas DImitroff & Co. have rarely failed us. It takes a bizarre form of amnesia to assume they have no plan this off-season.

It's not time to panic. The Falcons locked up Tyson Clabo, are undoubtedly kicking the tires on guys like Ray Edwards and always conduct their transactions in silence until they're ready to do a bunch at once, as we saw last night with Matt Bryant and  the entire rookie draft class. They've already signed all those drafted rookies, more than 22 undrafted ones, Stephen Nicholas and Mike Peterson. This is a team executing its off-season plan with its trademark patience.

So take a deep breath and relax. The Falcons are helmed by men of brilliance, and their guiding stars are Excellence and Prudence.

Your thoughts?