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Tyson Clabo Makes His Triumphant Return To The Falcons

UPDATE: DOL writes that Clabo is getting $25 million guaranteed over five years. Nice deal for both sides.

Hat tip to Jason Kirk, who got the news up while I was still plodding through a post about Matt Bryant. Kudos, Jason!

Anyways, it's a huge relief to welcome back Tyson Clabo, who was engaged in talks with both the Buffalo Bills and the Falcons. Getting Clabo back on what I can only hope is a reasonable deal gives Matt Ryan a ton of security on the right side of the line, as he's one of the steadier pass blockers at his position in the entire NFL. Regardless of Sam Baker's fate, Clabo will be a bookend for years to come. 

He's also the least penalty-prone of the three free agent offensive linemen the Falcons are trying to re-sign, so it's pretty obvious why he was the priority. Having him back in the fold simplifies things. A lot.

Bills fans are justifiably bummed, and I can't shake the feeling that Clabo did use them to gain a little leverage in his talks with the Falcons. But I have been wrong many, many times before.

What's important now is that the Falcons have one of their three free agent offensive lineman—and a Pro Bowler, to boot!—locked up. They can now turn their attention to either Justin Blalock or Harvey Dahl. I'm hoping for Blalock, and Pete Prisco of CBS Sports is leaning that way, too.

Welcome back, Tyson Clabo! I'll have terms of the contract as soon as they're available.  Is everyone excited?