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Falcons Re-Up With Veteran Kicker Matt Bryant


The league's steadiest kicker in 2010—he drilled 90 percent of his field goal attempts—Matt Bryant was a revelation for Falcons fans tired of the revolving cadre of elderly gentlemen who kicked for the Falcons before. The team obviously recognized the value of a steady veteran kicker and went for it, with ESPN reporting that they've locked him up.

It's not immediately clear how long the deal is or what the terms are, but it's not going to be exorbitantly expensive, either way. My guess is it's a one-to-two year deal aimed at keeping Bryant with the Falcons while they make a Super Bowl run. If he can hit close to 85-90 percent of his kicks again in 2011, we're going to do everything short of worshiping at his altar. Because, you know, I'm not so sure he has an altar.

So welcome Matt Bryant back. Update on Tyson Clabo soon to follow.