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Free Agent Frenzy: Late Three Draft Picks Signed

Cliff Matthews (#83) is ready to get after some QBs as a Falcon.
Cliff Matthews (#83) is ready to get after some QBs as a Falcon.

Thanks to mr92867!!! for linking that for us. That being this link here.

So far, Bosher, Cliff Matthews, and President Jackson have been signed, and I'm sure the others will come along soon.

Also, Mike Peterson has signed a one year deal. (Thanks Jason!)

This is good news. We've been relatively quiet, much to the chagrin of some people, and the DEs are falling like bricks. We're left with Ray Edwards and potentially Osi. If we land neither of those, we could be in trouble. We could also be alright, but it'd be nice if Kroy wasn't relegated to kickoff coverage all year long.

I would be alright with Ray Edwards. He produced because of the Vikings' DL group, but it's not like we're asking him to carry an entire defensive line. We have two good tackles and Abe will likely be decent at worst this year. Abe and Edwards will likely tear some folks up. Even Kroy and Edwards might do well.

It would suck if we stay quiet, at least until we receive some kind of explanation. Hopefully we can get something done.

Look for the remaining draft picks to get signed as soon as possible so they can practice. Here's to hoping that we can sign some of our other free agents before too long. I hope Clabo doesn't hold out long enough to cause a problem. That would be a huge problem.

Update: We also signed UDFA Punter Jacob Harfman from Southern Cal. Not sure why we brought him in, since we drafted a punter and could easily resign Koenen if we wanted. Harfman and Bosher have done some placekicking, but I'd rather have the ice-cold Bryant handling field goals for us, personally. Does the signing of Harfman confirm that Koenen is out the door? What about Bryant?