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The Falcons Have 22 Undrafted Free Agents Signed, So Feel The Excitement

There's going to be a crazy competition going for practice squad spots, I can tell you that.

The fellers at SBN Atlanta have compiled a list of all 22 guys the Falcons have signed. It's a crew so motley that Tommy Lee is suing them for copyright infringement, but there's several guys who have the potential to stick around. Please, please let one of them be Thor Merrow.

Either way, it's good to see the Falcons pulling in so many young, hungry players for tryouts. At worst, they push more established players hard and help them get ready for the regular season. At best, a handful of them hang on through a grueling and abbreviated off-season and end up clinging to the practice squad or even the roster. As I've said at least twice now, I believe Adam Froman is the team's future backup quarterback. Just reading the tea leaves, or at least the predictions I have printed on those tea leaves.

Free agency is in full swing now, so chances are good this will be buried under more thrilling news soon. But let it be known that you'll be hearing at least a couple of these names again.

Especially Thor Merrow.